Fervent Events is a leading experiential marketing agency that operates across Canada.

An industry leader since 2009, Fervent Events has created and implemented over 1000 experiential marketing campaigns across the country. As well as activations in all the major Canadian cities, our programs have also engaged consumers in smaller towns like Peace River, Alberta.

We specialize in creating live brand experiences hinged on face to face interactions and out of the box approaches. Fervent Events create, develop and execute non-traditional marketing campaigns that engage target markets directly. We aim to leave a more memorable impression with the consumer and a longer lasting impact than a traditional advertisement. Read more about our services and methodology below, or talk to us directly for a quote. 

As well as being overly confident in our ability to provide a fantastic service, we’re also proud of our competitive pricing. You grow up knowing how much a can of pop, a sweater or a trip to the grocery store should cost, but have you ever thought how much an experiential marketing program or street team should cost? Of course you haven’t. Unfortunately, we believe some companies take advantage of this and costs in our relatively young industry fluctuate. To counter this, after five years in business, Fervent Events undertook an industry cost analysis. We are proud to provide events marketing estimates 15% less expensive than the industry average. We are capable of this due to in-house management, minimal mark-up on vendors and low overheads. We also take full budget adherence responsibility, meaning under no circumstances will you be further billed post program for items within the agreed quote.

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