Fervent Events is dedicated to crafting unique and memorable brand experiences through non-traditional marketing methods.


Today, consumers are bombarded with advertising, slowly becoming numb to conventional marketing campaigns. We are now more likely to channel flick at TV commercials, listen to radio stations that play ‘non-stop music’ and skip past adverts in newspapers. Fervent programs aim to disrupt the mundane everyday advertising through exciting experiential programs that reach a wider audience.

Our marketing services include street team campaigns, sampling, in-store sales, vendor and permit managements, pop-up shops, flash mobs, trade shows, roadshows, social media contesting, and lead generating. Get a free quote or book a presentation with us to see how we can make your experiential marketing ideas a reality. At Fervent Events, we believe in bringing maximum brand value to each person our experiential marketing teams reach. Check out one of our pop up shops below.  

  • From the early creative discussions to the nitty gritty logistics and last-minute obstacles, Fervent made the entire process easy and helped bring our vision to life. I often find the final result of activations to be around 70% of what we envisioned but in the case of the Imagine Dragons pop-up, I can safely say they achieved 100% of what we were hoping to achieve.

    Fraser MacKenzie Senior Marketing Manager, Universal Music Canada

Did you know?

45% of consumers value experiential marketing as having the greatest impact on them.

86% of national marketers are looking for ways to better modify, adapt and localize their marketing content, citing experiential marketing as the most effective strategy.

80% of consumers stated that experiential marketing is more likely to provide them with information – than any other form of communication.

Whether its a street team or a trade show, Fervent Events will create an experiential/guerrilla marketing campaign that’s right for your brand. Read more about our marketing offers on our Services page.

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