Consumers are bombarded with advertising, slowly becoming numb to traditional methods. We are now more likely to channel flick at TV commercials, listen to radio stations that play ‘non-stop music’ and flick past adverts in newspapers.

It Should Therefore Be No Surprise That

45% of consumers value experiential marketing as having the greatest impact on them.

86% of national marketers are looking for ways to better modify, adapt and localize their marketing content, citing experiential marketing as the most effective strategy.

80% of consumers stated that experiential marketing is more likely to provide them with information – than any other form of communication.

Fervent Events has an energetic team of brand ambassadors that engage customers, consumers and communities. Our campaigns create positive emotional experiences, and leave memorable impressions at community events, festivals, trade shows, in-mall kiosks, public spaces, pop up shops, sports events and many more locations.


Our Campaigns Will

  • Develop a concept & strategy
  • Select appropriate distribution channels
  • Qualify an audience
  • Set measurable objectives
  • Focus the campaign message
  • Infuse audience activity
  • Deliver results

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