Calum McGuigan and a Decade of Fervent Events

This year, 2019, marks a decade since the birth of one of Canada’s foremost experiential marketing agencies: Fervent Events Inc.

In the decade since its inception, Fervent Events has grown from a one-man entrepreneurial project to a boutique agency with several full-time staff, hundreds of part-time staff, and millions in operating revenue. 

Pretty impressive, huh? 

Just a recap, Fervent Events Inc. is a Toronto-based experiential marketing agency with Canadawide service. Fervent is a one-stop-shop for any kind of event marketing or event planning, street team campaigns, and creative experiential programs (think pop-up shops!). 

Clients include several international brands, and hundreds of Canadian businesses and retailers. Recently, Fervent Events began to staff alcohol sampling campaigns across Ontario, another huge milestone.

With over 900+ brand ambassadors, including sales experts, circus performers, and bilingual promo reps, Fervent Events can staff any event or program across Canada. 

But wait! How did all of this happen?

Fervent Events Inc. President and Founder, Calum McGuigan, launched Fervent Events Inc. in 2009.

After finishing his undergraduate degree in Scotland during which he made a brief stint playing rugby in Toronto, McGuigan decided to come back and make Canada his home.

Like many young visionaries, McGuigan always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He knew that to build something of his own would require grit, sacrifice, and determination.

The trajectory of Fervent Events Inc. from a one-man operation to a full-blown marketing agency and Calum McGuigan’s philosophy of entrepreneurship are valuable insights into how business success is achieved.

And now, Calum is ready to share his story and the story of Fervent Events with young entrepreneurs, fellow business professionals, and students. To book Calum for an event, keynote speech, panel, or as a moderator, email 

Presentation topics include: 

-Experiential Marketing in 2020 

-Creating a Business on a Shoestring Budget

-Small Business & Start-up Advice 

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