COVID-19: Fervent Provides Grocery Store Relief Staff

Grocery Store Relief Staff Available During COVID-19 in Canada

We’re living in extraordinary times, and now more than ever it is important to help each other out. The coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak has led to disruptions in every aspect of life, from travel to how we do our grocery shopping. 

Fervent Events has been looking for ways to help keep things from coming to halt.

With over 1600 brand ambassadors on our roster, Fervent Events is able to provide emergency relief staff for grocery stores across Canada. If your store is need of temporary staff to: 

  • wipe down table tops
  • sanitize shopping carts
  • pack bags 
  • assist with crowd control/line control

Fervent is able to dispatch a team of temporary relief staff in just 48 hours. 

We know grocery store workers are some of the unsung heroes of this emergency. Keeping shelves stocked and stores clean so that everyday people can have enough food in the coming days is not an easy task. While others are in self-isolation, grocery store staff are busy making sure the most basic necessities are available. This can take a toll after a while, which is why Fervent is offering relief staff for grocery stores to supplement the amazing teams already working so hard. 

Give us a call at 416.908.2004 or contact us via email here to have emergency relief staff dispatched in just 48 hours.

  • I've worked with many staffing companies for our road show and event marketing programs.  I can say without a doubt, Fervent Events is professional, responsive and creative. Calum and team are my go-to people whenever I have any needs in this area for Canada

    Russel Izzo President, truMedic

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