How to Create a Successful Creative Experiential Marketing Campaign

What is a creative experiential marketing campaign? 

Creative Experiential is a category of experiential marketing that involves out-of-the-box, avant-garde or non-traditional marketing elements. 

This high-impact experiential marketing niche requires extensive planning and commissioning specialized brand ambassadors to execute often complex tasks. 

Creative experiential marketing campaigns have an incredible impact on target audiences. From interactive performances to pop-up shops, the possibilities are endless. 

Fervent Events has tons of experience planning and executing creative experiential marketing campaigns for a variety of brands and target audiences.  

Whether it’s commissioning local artists for a mural project or sending a team of BAs cross-country in a customized food truck, Fervent Events has the people-power and creative vision to execute successful and world-class creative experiential marketing campaigns. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a short and sweet guide to share our knowledge! 

Keep reading for four tips on executing a successful creative experiential marketing campaign. 

1. Engage Local Artists

Engaging local artists is a great way to draw their audience to your brand. 

In 2018, New Brunswick Tourism asked Fervent Events to make a creative promo for the province to boost tourism. 

Fervent Events knows Toronto, and what Torontonians love. The campaign’s goal was to boost tourism from Southern Ontario to New Brunswick. That’s why we found three local Toronto artists and sent them on a mission: go to St. John and find inspiration. 

When they came back from the all-expense paid trip, each artist created a mural design to paint at one of three locations throughout the city, showcasing the epic beauty of the east coast.

The artist live-painted murals over a weekend, while brand ambassadors handed out custom New Brunswick swag on location to passersby. 

These artists knew what kind of murals would speak to the Toronto public, and after they got acquainted with the beauty of the east coast, they blended the two worlds perfectly on Toronto walls.

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2. Consult the local culture for the concept

Utilizing elements of local city culture in experiential marketing campaigns is key for maximum audience impact. 

Even more so with creative experiential campaigns. 

For the end of summer BIA Waterfront marketing campaign, Fervent Events commissioned local Toronto artist, Chalkmaster Dave, to paint one of his iconic 3D chalk murals at the Toronto Waterfront.

Of course, this wasn’t any old mural. Chalkmaster Dave is a Toronto legend, and he incorporated the summer vibe and city’s history into the chalk painting. 

Not only was this a 3D optical illusion, but the painting featured the infamous rubber ducky from two summers ago that was floating in the Toronto harbour, only this time it was floating in a 2D chalk-drawn pool. 

Everyone loved the mural, the feedback was extremely positive and we achieved the objective of the experiential marketing campaign. 

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3. Combine other marketing elements 

The great thing about creative marketing campaigns is that they can take almost any form. 

This makes for a great opportunity to seamlessly incorporate other marketing tools, like data capture, or contesting

Fervent Events has a unique reporting software that makes data capture easy to administer by brand ambassadors and simple to access by clients.

By adding a contesting feature, you create an incentive for audiences that encourages longer and more meaningful interactions with brand ambassadors.  

Introducing a sampling element can increase traffic and create opportunity for key messaging to be delivered. In addition to enticing audiences through creative marketing, all the added benefits of sampling increase the success rate of the creative experiential campaign.  

4. Utilize social media 

For the millennial generation, social media is the main go-to for information on brands, trends, and more. 

The wide reach of social media and the concept of “going viral” can both be utilized strategically for experiential marketing purposes.

Incorporating strong visuals and considering the digital application of the creative experiential campaign is incredibly important. 

Creating a hashtag and a call-to-action for the audience ensures a social media presence and thereby an online audience for the brand activation or event. Adding a social media contesting element encourages further sharing and meaningful engagement. 

It also encourages longer interactions with the brand’s social media accounts if the contesting results are announced at a later date. This creates a window of increased engagement where more connections can be made between brand and consumer.

For a recent product launch, Fervent Events hired social media influencers to mingle with the crowd and increase exposure of the event.

This gave the event a more exclusive feel and encouraged organic interactions with outgoing influencers.

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That’s all for now – be sure to check out more of our blogs on experiential marketing trends. 

Until next time!

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