David’s Journey in Experiential Marketing

I got my first impression of experiential marketing back in 2012 when I was just starting school. It started with an evening that my friends and I always refer to as the “peak” in university. The night was every 20-year old’s dream night out – there was good food, live music, and great people who all came together for a brand-sponsored event. Without getting into the details, the event felt like you were living a commercial. What I realized that evening is that marketing can be so much more than a clever advertisement – marketing can be an experience. I had a genuine connection with the brand and a lasting memory that went along with it. As a marketing student, I’d found what I wanted to do.

A few months later I covered a shift for my roommate working at an experiential marketing activation for Fervent Events. It was a simple street team activation; the money was good and the program was fun – better than any other student job I’d had! This is where I was introduced to Calum McGuigan, President at Fervent Events. I was shown the ropes on how to engage people through quality interactions the same way that I’d been exposed to months before. This marked the beginning of my understanding of experiential marketing.

Fast forward 5 years later; I’ve graduated university, had a few years of work experience, and now it was time to find my career. Easier said than done and I’m sure you can relate to the job application grind – it’s no fun! Luckily, I stumbled upon an indeed ad that fit exactly what I’d wanted to do back in university and even luckier it was for Fervent Events, a company I hadn’t thought of since graduating. Funny, how a company that had given me one of my first fun experiences in the industry is now my doorway into a career that I’ve been wanting to follow. I’m now part of the team and I’m thrilled to be sharing my story. I plan on making posts monthly on my experience following a passion – stay tuned for what I learn, share, and how I grow.

David Gleason

Account Manager / david@ferventevents.com

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