Calum McGuigan

 President, Fervent Events Inc.

Calum McGuigan, President of Fervent Events Inc. knows what it takes to build something from nothing.

After finishing his undergraduate degree in Scotland during which he made a brief stint playing rugby in Toronto, McGuigan decided to come back and make Canada his home.

Like many young visionaries, McGuigan always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He knew that to build something of his own would require grit, sacrifice, and determination.

To get experience in the field McGuigan began working for the Daily Bread Food Bank as an Events Officer. After the workday was done, he would go home and spend hours on what would soon become Fervent Events Inc.

That was 2009. Now, ten years later, Fervent Events Inc. has nine full-time employees, and made $4 million in revenue in 2017. Fervent Events Inc. has been recognized by the Canadian Business Council, the Growth 500 List, and the Globe & Mail for their outstanding business achievements. McGuigan himself was invited to join the Forbes Agency Council, a membership-based community for business professionals who have made exceptional contributions to their industry.

The trajectory of Fervent Events Inc. from a one-man operation to a full-blown marketing agency and Calum McGuigan’s philosophy of entrepreneurship are valuable insights into how business success is achieved.

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