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We’ve talked about the amazing marketing potential of immersive experiential marketing events – artistic, elaborate, big-budget promotional campaigns that are stunning and creative put together by teams of hundreds of people. 

What we haven’t talked about is how immersive and fun promo events can be, even on a budget.  

Fervent Events has extensive experience putting together events of all sorts for various brands, purposes, and scopes.

The planning stage is crucial for any successful experiential marketing campaign. For event planning, this stage is where all the good ideas come to life, as well as the important (and sometimes boring) details. 

Brainstorming and collaborative decision-making are key elements of the Fervent process

When we start planning your event, we have a face-to-face meeting to establish a rapport that will help us maintain smooth communication all throughout the campaign, from start to finish. 

Then, we assess your needs, desires, and budget concerns and come up with three unique strategies. These strategies encompass all the logistics, creative experiential elements, staffing projections, and assigned roles, to give you a sense of how we will execute your event. 

After signaling which of the three strategies your company would like to see developed, we write a full proposal equipped with objectives/targets, critical path, costs, signage, materials, vendor and permit needs and much more. 

Once we’ve agreed on the proposal and tweaked all the details, we begin implementing the first phase of the event. 

Fervent Events manages all aspects of implementation including scheduling, onsite management, signage, apparel, graphic design, permits, sound, staging, videographer, photography, storage and liability insurance amongst other aspects.

Fervent Events has established relationships with trusted vendors and partners nationwide. 

This means we can get you the best catering, flowers, signage, and apparel, and more. 

Fervent Events provides professional photography and videography services for all events at a reasonable rate. 

Capturing the fun at a staff holiday party or a vibrant launch event is a great way to make a splash on social media and create content for future marketing materials.

Venue sourcing and permit management is included in our full-service event planning offers. 

Fervent Events also covers all staffing needs for events. 

Whether it’s a PR event, staff holiday party, or networking mixer, Fervent Events will source event staff, alcohol-certified staff, brand ambassadors, promo reps, and coat check staff. 

In the past couple of years, Fervent Events has organized quite a few networking and corporate events. 

Last winter, Fervent Events organized and staffed a cocktail networking event for 150 attendees, handling all decisions big and small to make the perfect party.

There were welcome drinks, curated menus, a DJ, and even an ice sculpture, all put together by Fervent. Read more below on the Yandex social. 

  • It was a pleasure to collaborate with Fervent Team on the event in one of the largest Canadian cities. The team was really client-oriented and proactive. Despite a few (objective, not depending on either of the Parties) technical difficulties along the way it was great that we had managed to build mutual trust and hold an event that was a big success. We appreciate Fervent for this collaboration!

    Svetlana Parfenova Yandex LLC

The brand was so thrilled with how the event turned out that they reached out to Fervent Events again in the spring to staff another Yandex event in California.

In addition to staffing events, Fervent Events provides professional photography and videography services upon request. 

Of course, on the day of the event, you want to know that everything is prepared and going smoothly. For this, Fervent has custom reporting software that makes keeping track of the event easy and quick. 

What does this reporting software do? 

All clients are provided with post program reports. Reports are not cookie cutter. They don’t fill in a template and are all written from scratch.

Fervent Events offer reporting via unique client login. Our reporting was designed and created specifically for our clients needs. The software is owned by Fervent Events and has a number of useful features.

You can view photos, see different program stats, and monitor what’s going on. This is one of the ways Fervent Events ensures everything is going smoothly, and your event is going as it should. This also allows us to make changes sooner to improve when something isn’t right.

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