Everything You Need to Know About Mascots

Experiential marketing has opened up a new world of opportunities for brands to connect with their audience.

There are multiple ways an experiential or guerrilla marketing campaign can stand out and entice people to interact with the brand.

One of those is the use of mascots. Colourful  and recognizable costumes can enhance a street team campaign or a booth at a trade show.

Whether it’s an exclusive event (like a pop up shop!) or a high reward contest, utilizing mascots draws in even the shyest of people. Visuals have always been important in marketing, but experiential campaigns have the potential to maximize impact with strategic use of brand recognition through costumed brand ambassadors.

Fervent Events has a dedicated roster of brand ambassadors ready to don a bright-pink bird costume to make an activation stand out.

Another good use of visuals are partial costumes, like flag packs. If you don’t have the resources for a full on, head-to-toe bird suit you can opt for a simple flag pack that wears like a backpack. The logo on the flag is easily applied.

Flag packs make for a low-key costume that doesn’t scream promo moment.

Take for example Fervent Events’ Three Brewers promotional campaign in 2016-2017. The Montreal restaurant chain was opening up a new location in Liberty Village, Toronto and wanted to give the new neighbourhood a treat.

Our brand ambassadors gave out promotional fliers, in addition to various goodies while wearing flag packs with the unmistakable Three Brewers logo.

Whether it’s an event or a street team campaign, mascots and costuming can lift the atmosphere and entice the audience to engage with brand ambassadors.

Mascots and costumed brand ambassadors:

  • add personality to the campaign
  • provide a recognizable element that is easy to identify
  • improve the interactions of the crowd
  • draw attention to the non-costumed aspects of the experiential marketing campaign
  • are great for social media, upping the “viral” potential of your brand event

Just check out Fervent Events’ recent campaign with Snack-a-Fruit, where a promo rep dressed up as a delicious citrus fruit and took pictures with people! It was very well-received by the crowd and kids loved it.

Check out some of Fervent Events’ mascots and costumed brand ambassadors below.

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