Experiential Marketing continues to be a growth area of the marketing industry. Event Marketing Institute analysts estimated an 11% average increase in experiential marketing budgets for 2017 (the first double-digit average experiential marketing budget since 2008!).

Growth of experiential marketing such as live events, mobile tours, street team marketing, pop-up shops, in-store experiences, sampling, mall tours, trade shows, guerrilla marketing campaigns and street stunts, continues to outpace growth among other marketing channels. Consumers are bombarded with over 5000 advertisements per day, however human interaction and a tangible sensory experience, leaves the longest lasting impression.

Experiential marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective platform. Despite this, there is a lack of new educational content available. As experts in the events marketing field, Fervent Events are committed to creating expertise industry content.

The Experiential Marketing Insider Series is a complimentary resource, produced exclusively by Fervent Events for our network, our clients and our prospective clients. We hope it will serve as a helpful tool in gaining insight into the event marketing industry.

Volume 1 – Benefits of Street Teams

We kick off the Experiential Marketing Insider Series with a focus on the most elementary component of our industry, yet still widely used and effective, street teams.

Fervent Events has executed hundreds of street team programs in Canada.  Street teams are non-permitted experiential marketing campaigns led by brand ambassadors.  Typically, street team programs focus on product distribution, sampling, brand awareness or data capture.  Street teams are mobile and can target carefully chosen locations and demographics.

Volume 1 of our Experiential Marketing Insider Series contents:

  • What are street teams?
  • Benefits
  • Cost Effective
  • Customizable
  • Measurable Results

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Coming Soon

Volume 2 will be available in June 2018.  In May, Fervent Events will be attending the Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco.  Our next series insider will bring you what we learned and the latest trends in experiential marketing.

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