Experiential Marketing Summer Highlights: #FerventSummer is almost over!

Phew! It’s been a wild one, folks. #Summer19 is coming to a close and it’s been real. From the epic Raptors win that kicked it off to the sleepy August days under the sun. It hasn’t been sleepy for us here at the Fervent Events office – we’ve been busy bringing you some of the best brand experiences across Canada this year. 

In fact, it’s been our busiest one yet! 

We launched a new alcohol sampling focused program, and sampled a bunch of delicious treats from Toronto to Victoria! 

Check out some of the sweet (and savoury) programs below:

1. Pizza Nova

From May until September, Fervent Events has been running a pizza sampling campaign for the household Canadian chain, Pizza Nova. 

Fervent Events dispatched a team of expert pizza-handlers to run a #TastePatrol and guess what? They’ve handed out 30,000 slices across Ontario so far. 

Check out the hashtag for info on where you can find the #TastePatrol, grab a slice, and enter to win special contest gift cards. All you have to do is snap a pic of our pizza genies and upload it with the hashtag. #TastePatrol

Look out for the green tent!

2. Subway

Now let’s glide on over to the East Coast, where the cliffs and lighthouses are plenty. 

Fervent Events gathered a team of brand ambassadors to post up in Halifax, wearing branded Subway t-shirts, and giving out coupons redeemable for those delectable Subway cookies. 

Reps engaged with the public, encouraging sandwich enthusiasts to download the Subway loyalty member app in exchange for a cookie coupon. Yum!

3. Sumol

This was a big one. Portuguese pop brand Sumol reached out to Fervent Events for a mega sampling campaign in Toronto. 

Over 20+ brand ambassadors were dispatched to four major locations across the city. The student friendly Bloor-West Village, the Financial District, the artsy Queen West neighbourhood, and the infamous Yonge & Bloor. 

Brand ambassadors were outfitted with branded hats, t-shirts and sunglasses for maximum brand awareness while they handed out delicious fruit pop samples and copies of the Toronto Star. A few lucky passersby were gifted custom sunglasses if they snapped a selfie or gave feedback! 

Fervent made sure that all the pop was delivered, and that brand ambassadors were ready on site. 

Reps gave out a whopping 10,000 cans of all-natural fizzy fruit drink!

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