Fervent Events hosts RELX Launch Party in Toronto

At Fervent Events, we love experiential marketing. 

There is something thrilling about taking an idea, making it come to life, and bringing it to the people who want it most. 

Which is why there are few experiential marketing campaigns that we love more than product launches – especially for cool international brands. 

Fervent Events is proud to have partnered with international vape brand RELX for their Canadian product launch last month in Toronto. 

RELX is a Hong-Kong brand offering a variety of closed-system e-cigarettes. Founded by Kate Wong in 2017, RELX utilizes technology and design to reduce the use of combustible cigarettes and “rewrite the rules of conventional smoking.” 

Fervent Events put on an amazing launch, filled with drinks, activities, and a contest. Keep scrolling to find out how we did it!

RELX started out as a way to help someone quit smoking, and very quickly evolved into a high demand product in China. 

The brand reached out to Fervent Events to create a special launch event, which we were happy to organize and staff! 

Fervent Events found the perfect venue, Love Child Social House. In addition to venue sourcing, Fervent procured all the lighting, furniture, and decorations for the big night. Big floral arrangements were pre-ordered ahead of time and carefully picked out from a local florist. Fervent Events hired an MC to keep guests happy and entertained. 

The event guests were prospective distributors and buyers – RELX wanted to give them a chance to try the product while interacting with influencers.

Fervent Events wanted to mirror the sleek design of RELX products while also keeping the space reminiscent of a late-summer garden party. 

Aside from the minimalism and daffodils, Fervent wanted to make sure the night would be captured in all its sleek whimsy. 

Fervent Events organized professional photography and videography services. Photographers were there the whole night snapping pics. 

Check out our promotional video of the RELX product launch below: 

Fervent Events has an extensive roster of food sampling and alcohol sampling brand ambassadors that are certified to serve food & alcohol, and have extensive experience doing so. 

On top of staffing the service part of the evening, Fervent Events found a wonderful caterer from the local area who delivered beautifully plated cocktail snacks. 

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As trays filled with fancy cocktails and artistic finger foods swirled around the room, interested guests stood at experiential stations, where they could sample different RELX products and get more information from our brand ambassadors and promo reps.

We still haven’t gotten to the best part. 

Fervent Events made sure everyone went home with a goodie bag – filled with fun stuff that Fervent Events curated and sourced! 

We were so excited to have the RELX co-founder fly in from Hong Kong for the launch. The brand wanted to do a special giveaway during the event, and the RELX team was there to congratulate the winner. Guests could enter for a chance to win a 5-day trip to Turkey by filling out a simple data capture form on an iPad.

The energy in the room was intense and ecstatic when the big cheque came out. Everyone was cheering; guests, staff, and of course, Fervent.

Check out some more photos from this unforgettable event below, and don’t forget to check out all of Fervent’s services here.

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