Fervent Events Leads the Pack in Alcohol Sampling

Good afternoon folks, and welcome to the Fervent forecast – today we’re expecting a smouldering high of 34 degrees with no cloud in sight! We’re in the thick of summer and what better way to honour the day than a cold, relaxing beverage? 

As #patioseason rumbles forward, alcohol brands are in full gear sampling this season’s latest and greatest flavours to engage, well, everyone. 

Have you tried the new low-cal flavoured cider? What about the new brands of non-alcoholic beer? 

If you’ve visited an LCBO in Ontario in the last six weeks, chances are you’ve run into one of our alcohol sampling brand ambassadors serving up an ice cold taste of your favourite weekend beverage.

Fervent Events activates alcohol sampling campaigns 100-200 times a month for various vodka, whiskey, gin, and wine brands. Fervent Events has a roster of brand ambassadors who are certified to serve alcohol, and are trained to deliver key messaging in an engaging and natural way. 

Check out some of our brand ambassadors in action here

Fervent Events brand ambassadors do a lot to make sure a brand’s special product is getting into the hands of people who enjoy it most. Carefully selected alcohol reps set up the sampling booth, manage inventory, and report all of the feedback and results after each activation via Fervent Events’ unique app reporting software. 

Promo reps input the sales figures, photos and feedback from customers into a mobile app that the client can view 24 hours after each activation. 

No cookie-cutter reporting or box-checking here, brand ambassadors report details of the alcohol sampling from scratch. 

Instead of manual reporting or using a spreadsheet, Fervent Events has unique reporting software that allows clients to be informed of the progress being made and request changes that can be implemented swiftly and easily. 

The reports can also be viewed in-browser, making them available to clients at their convenience. 

In addition to the LCBO samplings, Fervent Events has also been sampling non-alcoholic beer in the Mississauga grocery store chain, Adonis.

Our alcohol sampling staff is available across Canada to be dispatched within 48 hours for events, grocery store alcohol samplings, and big festivals. 

No event is too small, and no alcohol sampling campaign is too big.

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