#FerventSummer: The Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns So Far in Summer 2019

And so #FerventSummer continues folks! 

The days are long, the air is warm and we’re all still feeling the post-NBA-playoffs high. 

Luckily, wheels are always turning at the Fervent lab. We’ve been hard at work bringing you the top quality brands Canadians deserve. Check out what we’ve been up to below!

10,000 Cans of Pop 

There are few things as satisfying as the cracking of a fresh can of ice cold pop on a sweltering summer’s day. 

Fervent Events partnered with Sumol – a Portuguese pop brand – to give Torontonians a taste of an all-natural fruit drink that’s something of a cross between an Italian soda and a freshly squeezed juice. 

Over 20+ brand ambassadors were dispatched to four major locations across the city. The student friendly Bloor-West Village, the Financial District, the artsy Queen West neighbourhood, and the infamous Yonge & Bloor. 

Brand ambassadors were outfitted with branded hats, t-shirts and sunglasses for maximum brand awareness while they handed out delicious fruit pop samples and copies of the Toronto Star. A few lucky passersby were gifted custom sunglasses if they snapped a selfie or gave feedback! 

Of course, inside the paper was a coupon ready and waiting for interested consumers to pick up a case of pop at their local grocery store. 

Fervent made sure that all the pop was delivered, and that brand ambassadors were ready on site. 

Need a refresher? Read more about Fervent Event’s sampling services here

Free data? Yes please! 

Now, we could all use a thirst-quenching beverage from time to time, but what we need is more data. A lot more. All the time. 

Starting in June, Fervent Events launched a Canada-wide campaign for Freedom Mobile, promoting high-speed service that covers the entire country. 

Brand ambassadors were dispatched across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

This guerrilla marketing operation involved teams of brand ambassadors assembling guerrilla cubes at various locations and handing out trial sim cards with 10gb of data. Phew! 

That’s a lot of Instagram fuel. 

Music and Beer – the Essence of Summer

Fervent Events is #excited to team up again with Premier Brands for another summer of festival fun. 

Premier Brands reached out to Fervent Events after a successful sampling campaign last summer at several music festivals. 

This year, Premier Brands asked Fervent Events to staff three very distinct music events at the Molson Ampitheatre. Big shows like Florence and the Machine, Alexisonfire and others drew crowds of thousands of people. 

Fervent Events staffed those shows with promo reps giving out coupons for Premier Brands products. Some included ciders and even new craft beers, both local and international. 

Brand ambassadors and promo reps were carefully selected. In addition to handing out coupons redeemable at the Beer Store, lucky concert-goers were given beer kozies.

Fervent Events is also sampling a new brand of non-alcoholic beer for Premier Brands in Adonis supermarkets – so that everyone can cool off with a tall glass.   

Phew! That’s quite the summer kick off. 

As the weather heats up, Fervent Events will continue to offer a cool respite for you, the Canadian audience! Whether it’s a delicious beverage sampling activation or an artsy pop up shop, Fervent Events offers unique and unforgettable brand experiences, guaranteed to make a splash. See you by the pool!

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