#FerventSummer: Event Staffing in California

Let’s rewind to a sweeter time a few months back, before the floods and the epic Raptors win, when the whole summer was still ahead of us. 

Then let’s teleport ourselves a little further south and a bit more west to the California coast. Specifically, Long Beach, where in June 2019 Fervent Events staffed yet another successful networking mixer for Russian-language tech platform, Yandex.

After an extremely successful winter networking event in Montreal, Yandex once again reached out to Fervent Events to organize another whimsical and nostalgic evening. This time in California. 

Let’s recap. Last winter, Fervent organized a huge networking event for a tech-focused, Russian-speaking crowd attending a conference in Montreal. Everything from venue management to catering to music to staffing was handled by Fervent. 

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A specially curated menu and DJ made the night unforgettable. Fervent Events’ event staff included Russian speakers, who managed the check-in desk and other service stations at the event. The high level of professionalism and grace displayed by Fervent Events’ brand ambassadors was noticed by Yandex, who asked us to staff another evening cocktail event, and find the perfect DJ to mix a setlist that young tech folks would love. 

Apart from staffing the right people to attend to guests, Fervent also customized the venue. 

Fervent set up a globo-light filter that projected a custom design onto the front of the restaurant as guests arrived. Also at the front of the restaurant was a custom 5 ft. neon red “Y” that Fervent sourced for extra branding. 

Fervent Events has successfully staffed and sourced branding materials for dozens of events in its decade of operation.  

Everything from staffing bilingual brand ambassadors to finding the perfect promo reps for brand exposure is crucial in the success of any event or marketing campaign, and Fervent Events knows that.

When it comes to catering and alcohol service, Fervent has an extensive roster of certified food handling and alcohol sampling reps that can be dispatched within 48 hours to service an event. Our efficient methodology and flexible workflow allows us to successfully staff events across the country, and in this case, outside of the country. 

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