The Fervyy’s – Jan to March 2018 Brand Ambassador Winners

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Fervvy award winners!

Fervent Events hinges on quality face to face interactions in experiential marketing campaigns. Exceptional brand ambassadors and in-store sales staff are the foundation for successful events marketing and in store sales campaigns.  This year, Fervent Events is focusing on professional development for office staff.  In addition to this, we wanted to also introduce a quarterly award for brand ambassadors throughout Canada.  Fervent Events will recognize promo reps that have demonstrated excellence in the field.

What does it take to win a Fervvy? Here are some examples:

  • Worked lots of dates!
  • Strong sales in sales related programs.
  • Always being responsive when onsite.
  • Longevity – has recently celebrated 1-year…2-years etc representing the company.
  • Client mentioning the employee by name – good feedback.
  • Diligent when reporting.

We will be recognizing five employees every quarter who have impressed.  Winners will receive:

  1. A unique Fervvy award!
  2. LinkedIN recommendation from a Fervent Events Inc office staffer.
  3. Written letter of recommendation from Calum McGuigan, President, Fervent Events Inc.
  4. $100 value gift card.

This quarter we are proud to announce 5 winners of the awards. Michelle Chandler, Annalisa Haroutonian, Larry Betteridge, Martha Mwai, and Milton Mayenga Benzu.

Michelle Chandler (Vancouver, BC) – “Michelle is the ultimate team player. She is willing to do anything to make the program run smoothly. She will work until the job is done, with a smile on her face and without any complaints. In addition to that, she consistently has the highest sales of anyone on our team.” Tara Cunningham – Account Manager

Annalisa Haroutonian (Montreal, QC) – “Lisa is loyal and dependable. She always gives 110%. She offers a helping hand even without being asked. She’s an all-around excellent salesperson – top sales in Fruits & Passion and truMedic. My first go-to anytime we need a shift covered in the Montreal area.” Tara Cunningham, Account Manager

Larry Betteridge (Toronto, ON) – “Larry has been an outstanding Metro rep. Larry never misses a shift, is our go-to guy for the Metro campaign, and without his efforts Metro would not be the same.” David Gleason, Account Manager

Martha Mwai (Toronto, ON) – “Martha has been working truMedic trade shows since August of last year and has been extremely reliable from the beginning. She has perfect shift attendance, and always shows up early for each shift no matter where it is – even when she lived in Acton, and she doesn’t drive! Martha is a team player, and always willing to help with setup and teardown with no complaints. She is friendly, professional, and has been a great help to fill spots last minute (even within the hour just last week!) when other people cancel/call in.” Krystle De Sousa, Trade Show Manager

Milton Mayenga Benzu (Toronto, ON) – “Milton has been a great asset to campaigns. He’s always on time, has great communication with me and his team, will work beyond the required hours, and has helped me by working last minute on more than one occasion.” David Gleason, Account Manager

Thank you for your hard work in creating some truly amazing experiential campaigns.

David Gleason, Account Manager,

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