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Getting the right event staff for your promotional event can be challenging. You need to make sure every event staff member is inline with the brand’s look, feel, and attitude. Oftentimes event staff are the first people your audience encounters at an event, and their interaction with them can set the tone for their experience with your brand event.

That’s why at Fervent Events, we have a vetting process that allows us to hire the best brand ambassadors, and promo staff who meet our criteria of base skills, plus we take into account special talents, past experience, and overall persona in order to best utilize their skills for your event.

Need Mandarin-speaking event staff for a community event? We got you. Do you want highly-experienced sales staff? We have them on our roster. Need a juggler or a muralist? Our event staff includes a number of creative and talented performers ready to make your event a success.

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How to Get the Best Event Staff

A lot goes into event planning, whether it’s a brand awareness campaign or a corporate event. Finding the right event staff can be a daunting and timely task.

That’s why Fervent Events makes a point to understand your needs and the vibe of your event before selecting event staff from our roster. What are the goals? What is the look that you want event staff to have? What are your expectations of event staff? All of these things are key to finding the right people to staff your event.

Fervent Events has high standards for all brand ambassadors, promo reps, and event staff that we hire. We make sure to give event staff training before each activation to ensure our goals and expectations are clear and the event staff has an idea of what a successful event looks like.

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Event Staff Selection Success Tips

  • Set goals and expectations early on
  • Choose a look that is on brand and attractive to your audience
  • Make sure you have enough marketing material for event staff to give out/provide to the audience
  • Estimate audience size in order to staff enough reps
  • Make sure best practices are clear and understood
  • Communicate your expectations honestly and at the beginning

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