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Fervent Events is a Preferred Vendor for Road Shows

Fervent Events has experienced sales reps and product demonstration staff in its roster that earn a base pay plus commission. For the past couple of years, Fervent Events has been a preferred vendor at Costco for various brand road shows. Costco road shows take place across Canada for 13 days. Fervent Events staffs sales reps for 12 hours every day to provide on-site sales expertise, product knowledge, and live demonstrations of products. Recently, Fervent Events deployed sales reps to do a road show selling the truMedic line of at-home massage products. Sales reps demonstrated how to use neck massagers and informed consumers about other truMedic products. Fervent Events in-store sales reps increased sales and brand awareness. Read more here

Fervent Events provides in-store sales staff at Costco for a variety of brands, and can provide in-store staff at any location across Canada. In 2017, we became a preferred vendor for the Canadian retailer. Last year, we had over 500 in-store sales staff working, contributing directly to companies bottom lines. We work with the client to develop a training program, then train and monitor reps ongoing performance, and provide reporting.


Fervent Events has a roster of experienced sales reps and in-store demo staff across Canada. All Fervent sales reps are paid per hour plus commission. 

Because Fervent Events is based in Toronto, but operates nationwide, all of the training is done remotely through application WizIQ before the activation. Training software is shared with hired sales staff and demo staff that includes modules with tests that hired sales staff must pass before their first shift. 

In-store sales staff are trained to be sales-focused, motivated to sell, and knowledgeable about product information. 


Fervent Events manages sales staff and demo staff across Canada through a scheduling software, Zenshows, that uses GPS tracking to verify that demo staff are on-site. 

Staff are given unique logins that can only be used within 200m of the venue. This makes sure staff are on time and in the right place for their shifts. We give staff plenty of time to arrive, set-up, and get into the in-store sales mode before beginning their shift.

Be sure to check out our blog below where we share tips & tricks for successful in-store sales and sampling campaigns, and discuss more of our work in-depth.

Case Studies

Since 2017, we’ve had a number of extremely successful in-store sales campaigns thanks to our project execution and sales-focused in-store sales staff. Some of our best in-store sales activations and road shows have included truMedic, Zwilling J.A. Henckels Canada, and Boston Harbour. Our experienced in-store sales and sampling staff have increased the sales of various retail, household, and specialized product brands. Check out some case studies below.

TruMedic required in-store staffing for product demonstrations at Costco Canada. Staff would be required to demo the Instashiatsu+ Personal Masseuse, one of truMedic’s flagship products.

Fervent Events created staff training documents, and hired specifically for the program in each market. Fervent chose to staff reps one day on one day off to ensure rest and maximize reps energy on the floor, thus hiring 4-5 people per store.

Read more here.

Boston Harbour is a U.S-based leather retailer that produces high-quality men’s and women’s leather jackets. Their unique designs and superb manufacturers have made these leather jackets among the best performing in the market.

The brand approached Fervent Events to help with their first-ever venture into the Canadian market with an in-store sales program at Costco. We set up 7 roadshows in the Montreal and Toronto area from October 2018 to January 2019.

Throughout the in-store sales campaign, Fervent Events trained 15 experienced sales reps, staffed 1400 brand ambassador hours, and met sales targets. Read more here.


Fervent Events provides in-store sales staff at Costco for a variety of products.In 2017, we became a preferred vendor for the Canadian retailer. That same year we had over 500 in-store sales staff contributing directly to companies’ bottom lines. We work with the client to develop a training program. We administer training via online tool WizIQ, monitor reps ongoing performance, and provide reporting.

All clients are provided with post program reports. Reports are not cookie cutter.

Fervent Events offer reporting via unique client login. Our reporting was designed and created specifically for our clients needs. The software is owned by Fervent Events and has a number of useful features.

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