In-Store Sales

“Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Fervent Events provides in-store sales staff at Costco for a variety of products, and on contract can provide in-store staff at any location. In 2017, we became a preferred vendor for the Canadian retailer. Last year, we had over 500 in-store sales staff working, contributing directly to companies bottom lines. We work with the client to develop a training program, then train and monitor reps ongoing performance, and provide reporting.

Fervent Events’ promo reps demonstrate product benefits, articulate calls to action, and have set targets to attain bonuses. It is important to note that no sales reps are commission only, all agents are hourly + bonus. Fervent Events utilizes secret shoppers via a 3rd party to ensure messaging and process is accurate, and the client is being represented properly. We know how much goes into crafting a product to ensure market success, and we make sure every unique feature is emphasized and marketed in a meaningful way to potential customers. 

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Benefits of In-store Sales

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Among the many trends in experiential marketing, one tried and true customer outreach strategy is in-store sales and sampling. The effectiveness of getting product into the hands of consumers via an enthusiastic, well-informed, brand ambassador has been proven to directly increase immediate and long-term sales. It also reduces the perceived risks or trying the product, and enables a wider audience to sample brands.

  • Increased Sales

In-store sampling has been proven to increase the sales of a product the day of the activation, as well as over a longer period. The main reason being that retail sampling allows customers to test the product for free or at a fraction of the cost, then walk two aisles over and purchase it immediately. Fervent Events did just this during their Costco Canada demos of TruMedic products, where brand reps successfully increased in-store sales for flagship products.

  • Easier tracking of sales

Since the point-of-purchase is in the same retail space as the in-store sampling activation, it’s easier to track sales that are directly a result of the sampling, gage the success of the product, and plan how much inventory is needed for next time.

  • A Personal Connection with the Brand

Having good promo reps and store sampling and sales staff can change a customer’s brand experience from negative to positive in one interaction. What does your brand stand for? What is your vibe? Through in-store sampling, all of this can be communicated more effectively than through a Facebook ad or commercial. It can also create a magical experience for potential customers that will draw them to your brand in the future. This no-stress environment creates a huge window of opportunity for an experienced brand ambassador to make an exceptionally positive impact, forever associating your brand with the customer’s pleasant experience. 

  • Opportunity to Educate Potential Customers on Products/Services

With in-store sales and sampling, potential customers get a chance to test your product with no risk of buyer’s remorse. Promo staff will be supplied with promotional materials that detail the ins and outs of the sample, as well as other existing or upcoming products/services. This way the customer can voice concerns, get the right answers, and eliminate any doubt stopping them from making a purchase.

  • Less Distraction than other Locations

Unlike guerrilla street team promotions or festival activations where a myriad of distractions are present at every turn, in-store retail sampling offers an environment where you can catch a potential customer’s attention more easily. Placing the in-store sampling activation or demo in a location where customers are already shopping for similar things automatically inserts your sample product into the natural flow of consumption.

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