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“Over 50 percent increase in subscribers, thanks to Fervent Events.” 

Brand Ambassadors can be the perfect tool to talk with consumers about a service or product, and generate subscribers and advocates. The person-to-person contact allows for a wide margin of success when well-trained promo reps know how to engage with diverse audiences and encourage potential customers to sign up for services or information.

Fervent Events uses iPads to execute lead generating programs as a way of maximizing on-the-spot interactions with consumers and increasing the number of promotional sign-ups. Technology has advanced the effectiveness of lead generating with street teams in the last 2 years. Fervent Events specializes in the customizing promo campaigns to engage as many people as possible. In 2018, Fervent Events assembled a street team for a promotion and lead generation activation with a popular allergy medicine brand. A team of 20+ brand ambassadors canvassed public areas in Toronto collecting e-signatures for a Change.org petition to create a new emoji that accurately reflects the experience of those affected by allergies. Fervent events is always looking for unique and exciting ways to maximize lead generation in all of our promotional campaigns.

One 2013 program enabled Fervent Events brand ambassadors to sign up over 20,000 new subscribers for an online service. A team of three brand ambassadors worked at 8 summer events & festivals, engaging with audiences across Canada. Now, events are this client’s leading new subscriber generator.

Check out our Brand Ambassadors in action here.

We have a very specific process when it comes to calculating success. Our expertise and dedication come from years of experience, learning from our mistakes, and getting the best promo reps and office staff available to execute our marketing campaigns.

In order to make your experiential marketing campaign a success, we do the following:

  • Develop a concept & strategy
  • Select appropriate distribution channels
  • Qualify an audience
  • Set measurable objectives
  • Focus the campaign message
  • Infuse audience activity
  • Deliver results

Whether it’s a street team activation or a nationwide tour, Fervent Events has the equipment and knowledge to incorporate lead generation into all types of experiential marketing programs, or create an original campaign centered around lead generation.

Check out our Wonderlist program, where over the course of two years, we achieved a new-subscriber rate of over 50 percent, across seven events in a three-month period. Including 10,000 new subscribers from one event alone:

Learn more about our lead generating process here, or better yet, talk to us in person.

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