Social Media Contesting

“Enter to win a gift giveaway! It only takes 2 minutes.”

Fervent Events now runs social media contests for clients, as a free add-on during programs. It’s a value-add that gives clients a little extra. We ask clients to provide a gift certificate and we take care of the social media bit, promoting the contest content on our  Twitter and Instagram pages.

Fervent Events Social Media Contest Reach

On average our contests have:

7000+ impressions

200+ entries

This all comes at a cost to the client of $25-$100 of prize value via product/discount.

At Fervent Events, we know that successful social media contests require a few things to yield maximum results. We know that it’s not just about lead generating, although it can be, the potential for long-term impact with social media contests is huge.

Benefits of Social Media Contesting as an add-on to Experiential Marketing Campaigns

  • Appeals to prospective customers, not just entrants
  • Incentivizes social media participation
  • Additional social media advertising
  • Follow up that includes prize-related discounts in email campaign

Here is a social media contest we ran for 3 Brasseurs Liberty Village. 3 Brasseurs hired Fervent to create and implement a 2-week street team program. Our street team distributed scented and branded brewery lip balm to residents, promo cards and data capture via iPads. In addition, we ran the free value add social contest.

Social contest example Instagram
Social contest example Twitter

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