Street Teams

“Did you sign the petition for a new flower emoji? The guy wearing a flagpack is collecting signatures.”

Street Teams and Experiential Marketing

Street teams are one of the most versatile and effective guerrilla marketing strategies of our time. Customizable, wide in scope, and targeted street team promotions can successfully work as stand-alone marketing campaigns or as complimentary experiential marketing activations.

What can a street team do for your brand? Street team marketing consists mostly of generating brand awareness and sampling. Getting your brand to the hearts of potential customers through a walking, talking (and sometimes dancing) brand rep is extremely effective and has measurable results.

Fervent Events has successfully executed dozens of street team promotions across Canada in the span of a decade. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We apply our seasoned expertise to new trends when planning and executing street team campaigns. Whether it’s a project from scratch or a tried-and-true program with a couple of new tweaks, Fervent Events can do it all down to the smallest detail.

Benefits of Street Team Promotions

  • Less expensive to execute than other experiential marketing programs
  • Potential for high  impact results in a  range of budgets
  • Measurable results through coupon redemption rate, data capture, number of impressions
  • No signage, permits, exhibits, A/V required
  • Low price compared to television and print advertisements
  • Walking talking promotion for your products or service
  • Carefully chosen locations  and precise demographics
  • Combines the interpersonal benefits of sampling with the volume of print/tv advertisements
  • Can amplify complimentary marketing efforts, like radio ads, or billboards
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What We Offer 

At Fervent, we focus on the three points of audience contact with our street teams to maximize their impact. In each of our street team activations we strategize to build brand awareness through Verbal, Visual, and Sensory points.


Brand reps are relaying key messaging to everyone they interact with, enticing them to learn more about the brand, and participate in the call-to-action.


Branding through uniforms, flag packs, and other props draws people in while also leaving those passing by who don’t engage with the street team to notice and remember the brand.


Apart from handing out promotional materials, brand ambassadors will sample your product to potential customers.

Here are some case studies of our successful street team campaigns.

Street Team Marketing

A lot goes into street team staffing, promotion, and marketing. At Fervent Events, we’ve developed a sophisticated methodology to ensure that you get the most out of the street team. We specialize in organizing street teams for a variety of needs, including data capture, distributing promotional materials, demos, and flash mobs.


A lot of research goes into a successful street team. Fervent Events will find out where the best locations are and when the best time is to reach your target audience, whoever they may be. Key messaging, training, and duties are all carefully tailored to each street team campaign to ensure optimal results.


We’ll take care of that! Whatever the season, event, or brand, Fervent Events will customize promo rep uniforms to fit with your vibe, and attract as many potential customers as possible.

Media Amplification

Documenting the street team’s interactions with audiences through video and photos is extremely effective for post-activation marketing and promotion. It allows the impact of the street team to extend beyond the activation to print or digital promo material. Fervent utilizes various social media channels to target a wider audience before, during, and after the street team.

The Right BAs

Our roster of BAs has everything from magicians to experienced sales reps. We curate a group of promo reps we deem to have skills that will make each street team the best it can possibly be. The size of the street team is taken into consideration for each activation, but even small teams can deliver 5000+ samples in a single weekend.

Get a free quote or book a presentation with us to see how we can design a street team campaign that’s right for your brand.

Fervent Events Street Team Highlights

  • Fervent Events assisted us with a new store opening by visiting local business to promote our brand. They handed out marketing materials and encouraged people to enter a contests to win prizes that were redeemed at our new location. We had very good redemption numbers and were pleased with the activity that resulted from the visits. Our team members were very interactive with the potential customers and promoted the brand positively.

    Mike Brand & Marketing Manager, Teriyaki Experience

At Fervent Events, we know that successful guerrilla marketing campaigns must entertain, startle and surprise. Originality is key, as is an offering that engages the target audience in a memorable way. Whether it’s a giveaway, contest, or data capture, Fervent knows how to set up a street team for success. In the last year we ran street team promotions in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax and Calgary in addition to Toronto and Montreal. All of our street team promotions are tailored to each city’s unique audience.

In our (almost!)decade of experience, Fervent Events has implemented hundreds of successful experiential marketing projects and street team campaigns. Some of our favourites include, Second City, Assembly Chef’s Hall, Cineplex, Reactine, and many more. 

Come talk to us about your street team needs, book a presentation, or get a free quote. In the meantime, check out some video content of our favourite Toronto street team campaign below.

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