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Fervent Events has successfully been staffing trade show activations since 2008. Trade shows can be incredibly useful for reaching a target audience, in a concentrated setting with interested buyers. However, there are finesses to a trade show marketing strategy that make the difference between amazing results and mediocre ones.

Fervent Events works with your brand from idea conception to execution the day of the trade show to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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How To Get The Best Trade Show Staff

Executing trade show messaging requires a special skillset. Fervent Events has an extensive roster of highly talented, and specially chosen brand ambassadors, promo reps, and event staff. Fervent Events promo staff and brand ambassadors are selected based on core competencies in marketing techniques, communication skills, and sales experience. We also have a number of bilingual brand ambassadors and promo reps, who speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Arabic, Urdu, Ukrainian, and many more.

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Trade Show Staff Success Tips

  • Well rehearsed, but natural delivery of key messaging
  • Key follow up questions introduced in a timely manner
  • Uniformed appearance, in line with brand and marketing strategy
  • Bright, enticing signage and booth decoration prepared in advance

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