“An exhibition for companies to demonstrate new products and services to other companies, in a specific industry.”

Why does Fervent Events do trade shows?

At Fervent Events, we like taking two great things and putting them together to create a fresh idea with the best of both worlds. Combining trade show exposure and event marketing has many advantages and is worth the extra planning and cost of operations for a number of reasons:

  • Trade shows are a great way for brands to generate B2B and B2C leads
  • The event itself is filled with industry professionals who are already interested in your offerings, so drawing in potential customers is easier
  • Taking an event marketing approach to a trade show activation will add the creativity necessary for your brand to stand out amongst a concentrated pool of competitors
  • Expanding distribution, building brand awareness, and customer outreach is amplified

Fervent Events has years of experience with trade shows, and provides enthusiastic and well-trained trade show staff and event marketing staff. Trade shows are a great way for an existing or new brand to make a splash in a previously unexplored city/regional market. We hire local trade show staff, brand ambassadors, and promo reps who are familiar with the culture of the market you are looking to break into and apply that knowledge to enhance brand impact.

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Trade shows can generate a huge part of a brand’s yearly leads. When executed properly, these activations can provide an ROI that far exceeds the organizational costs. Fervent Events has event reporting software that provides detailed statistics on leads, as well as photos from the activation.

  • Clients can also view a dashboard overview – showing totals of all event days.

  • Historical data is never lost.

  • Clients can key in on activation’s by geography or date.

  • Team leads submit online forms to report each activation day post shift. Reporting therefore comes directly from those involved with each activation.

  • Reporting is then checked and approved the following day by a Fervent account manager.

  • Clients can view single event days 12-24 hours after an activation takes place.

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