Vendor Management

“Who can get us a 10-ft. inflatable arm-flailing tube man by tonight?”

Vendor management is one of the most important logistical tasks of any experiential marketing campaign. Knowing who to contact for what, which vendors have the capacity for large scale activations, and how to set up delivery, payment, and execution is a fraction of what goes into vendor management for event marketing.

As part of our marketing service package, Fervent handles all things related to vendor and permit management for experiential marketing campaigns. We have trusted vendors who we work with, and enough knowledge and friends in the industry that we have built a rapport with over the years to know where to go if we need a new vendor.

Fervent Events builds all aspects into our contract and liaises with all vendors, making it a one stop shop for clients. Fervent Events programs regularly include organizing apparel, printing, props, signage, equipment, staging, lighting, sound, transport, storage and much more.

Check out some of our most elaborate experiential marketing and event marketing campaigns below:

The advent of social media has led to an experiential marketing renaissance. Millennials expect fantastic and personalized marketing from brands, and will reward well-thought out and interesting experiential marketing campaigns with social media exposure. Creating interactive, unique, and impressive marketing campaigns means more planning, coordinating, and organizing to incorporate the many elements required to achieve experiential marketing success. This means on average more vendors, more permits, more equipment, more paperwork, more brand ambassadors, and more contingency planning. Fervent Events will handle all of it.

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