Latest Experiential Marketing Campaigns from Fervent Events

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the #pumpkinspice season – crisp air, colourful leaves, and fun outdoor activities before another cold winter sets in. 

Fervent Events has kept at it since the summer, creating experiential marketing campaigns to keep giving the Canadian public the best brand experiences. 

Check out what some of the avant-garde experiential marketing campaigns we’ve been working on below: 

1. Skip the Dishes – Rebranding

Your favourite food delivery app reached out to Fervent Events in the Spring for help with their Canada-wide rebranding campaign. 

Fervent Events was tasked with replacing all of the old decals on participating Skip the Dishes restaurants with new and improved stickers. 

Fervent Events tapped into its roster of brand ambassadors and event staff to create a rebranding schedule in cities across Canada. 

Using Fervent Events’ customized reporting software, brand ambassadors begin their days by checking their most efficient route. The software calculates a route based on GPS location, and determines which restaurants they should go to first and how. 

The brand ambassadors arrive at the restaurant, introduce themselves to staff, and ask to replace the sticker. They they take a photo of the storefront and upload it directly to the reporting app, where they also log the store ID.

To date, Fervent has helped over 8000+ restaurants update their storefront Skip the Dishes display. Fervent provides all the tools needed to remove old stickers and apply new ones. 

While brand ambassadors are engaging with restaurants, they receive feedback on Skip the Dishes which they also long into the reporting form. The results of each interaction are available for review almost immediately. 

This unique cross-country rebranding program is new for Fervent, but showcases the power of its remote operations. 

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2. Waterfront BIA – Creative Experiential

As part of a summer engagement effort, the Waterfront BIA asked Fervent to set up a boardwalk activation to attract families and the general public to the waterfront. 

Fervent Events found a local Toronto artist – Chalkmaster Dave – to create a 3D chalk art piece over the course of three days. 

The piece was a tribute to the famous blow-up rubber ducky that decorated the Toronto Waterfront in 2017. 

Chalkmaster Dave live-painted this chalk creation that doubled as an optical illusion. Onlookers could stand at a certain angle “inside” the drawing to capture the 3D effect on camera.

3. Solo Cup – Festival Activation

The red solo cup is iconic to North American youth culture. It’s reminiscent of a simpler time, when all you had to worry about was turning in your essay on time and not being late to your part-time barista gig at the local student cafe. 

That’s why Fervent Events teamed up with Solo Cup for the Woodbridge Park Food Truck Festival to provide some light-hearted weekend fun. 

Fervent set up a cornhole toss booth, with the prizes being the latest Solo Cup craze – customizable Solo Cups with a chalk stripe on the side to write your name on. 

It was August long weekend and the crowds were very enthusiastic to toss a bean bag into a cornhole and win a souvenir memory of their youth. 

Fervent staffed three brand ambassadors over the course of the weekend to engage with festival-goers. 

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That’s all for now, folks!

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