Maximizing Experiential Marketing Success in 3 Steps

Experiential marketing in Canada is a unique landscape – there are dozens of formulas for making the perfect marketing campaign. You can spend precious time and resources trying to figure out how to best combine different elements in a cohesive way to maximize impact.

Or you can read our three tips for making an experiential campaign land just right.

It’s a Vibe

You know who your target audience is right? You’ve spent hours doing market research, and tailoring all other aspects of your marketing strategy to those who need your product or service most. You know them – what experiences they look for, what they value, how they interact. So it only makes sense that your experiential marketing campaign lines up with that. 

Pop ups are great for big city events, the reveal of a new brand, bringing together fans of a band or rapper, and more. But the vibe has to be right! 

Some of the most successful experiential marketing events are made to be experiences rather than sampling opportunities or a repeat of last year’s promo. 

Check out our HiO pop-up shop here – we brought international brands to the GTA, and made the entire shop a trip around the world. 

Let us know how we can transform your marketing campaign here.

Utilize Social Media

Millennials and Gen X’ers have a unique way of incorporating social media into their everyday lives. Shared experiences and even personal events are immortalized on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many other platforms. 

In Canada, about 59 percent of millennials and 36 percent of Gen X’ers are on Instagram, compared to about 23 percent of baby boomers, according to Canadians Internet.  

Incorporating a social media element into your experiential marketing campaign like social media contesting, will engage this core demographic. 

Keep reading for all the details on how Fervent can incorporate social media contesting into your experiential marketing campaign.

Contesting? People love a chance to win 

What better way to draw people in than offering a free prize just for participating? 

By offering a reward for engagement, brands create an incentive that is hard to turn down. Adding a contesting component to a sampling or street team campaign in a high-traffic location will increase engagement and exposure.  

Fervent Events now runs social media contests for clients, as a free add-on during programs. It’s a value-add that gives clients a little extra. We ask clients to provide a gift certificate and we take care of the social media bit, promoting the contest content on our  Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Some of the benefits of adding a social media marketing component are: 

  • Appealing to prospective customers, not just entrants
  • Incentivizing social media participation
  • Additional social media advertising
  • Follow up that includes prize-related discounts in email campaign

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