The Brand

Bloo Juice is a staple product of the Country Magic brand, originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. Every bottle is made from 100% blueberries with no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Street Team Sampling Campaign

Bloo Juice wanted to create a presence near Loblaws & Sobeys stores in Toronto, targeting grocery shoppers in the stores. The brand wanted to sample the 100 percent pure blueberry Bloo Juice and increase brand awareness.

Fervent Events assembled a team of sampling reps to enthusiastically deliver key messaging and give our samples of delicious blueberry juice.


Over 4-weeks (300 labour hours) Fervent Events scheduled multiple teams of brand ambassadors in high traffic locations.

The promo was non-permitted, thus had a mobile set-up using only a wind flag, table and product.

Fervent would distribute 3.5 oz samples of Bloo Juice & “$1.00 Off” coupons. This ensured the product we had to work with would reach as wide an audience as possible.

Guerrilla Sampling Campaign

Fervent Events implemented a guerrilla sampling campaign to encourage the public to sample the product and create positive engagement.

We staffed multiple teams of brand ambassadors in high-traffic location, totaling 300 brand ambassador hours. Sampling reps had a mobile set-up which included a flag pack, table and product. A combination of 3.5oz samples and $1.00 off coupons were distributed to passersby.

The Results

  • 27,130 3.5oz samples of Bloo Juice distributed (90 samples p/h)
  • 36,000 Bloo coupons distributed
  • Cost effective program for client
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