The Brand

Canada’s Wonderland is one of North America’s most beloved theme parks. Boasting over 330 acres of land including a 20 acre water park, Wonderland ensures fun for the whole family with exciting new rides, roller coasters and attractions added each year.

Brand Awareness & Lead Generating

Canada’s Wonderland wanted to engage students on college and university campuses in Southern Ontario to drive traffic to Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt event. Our campaign was designed to raise awareness and attendance at the event while creating a renewed interest in the Wonderland brand as a whole.


University Campus Tour

Our brand ambassadors dressed up in rented Halloween costumes and hit eight University and College campuses across Southern Ontario over a three-week period. Engaging with students to promote Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt, our motivated ambassadors made a big impact on campus, distributing flyers and encouraging social media shares for exciting prizes and games.

Students were encouraged take a photo with our promo reps and share them via social media using the hashtag #CWHaunt2013 to be entered in a draw to win a prize pack. The mysterious chalk bombs that popped up around the city were just another way we raised the buzz for Wonderland this past October.

The Results

  • Distributed over 30,000 flyers offering discounted entry.
  • Hundreds of social media shares, photos and tweets.
  • 120 washable chalk bomb installations in the Toronto area.
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