• Our experience with Fervent has been extremely rewarding. The Fervent Team not only brings superior execution and service, they bring an entire portfolio of strategic, creative and financial development skills to the team. We look forward to partnering with Fervent on multiple programs across Canada in the coming years.

    Bob Fitzgerald Director - International Business, Johnsonville Sausage

Program Creation & Management

The Brand

Since its humble beginnings in 1945, Johnsonville has grown to be one of North America’s biggest and most trusted producers of great-tasting sausage products. It’s currently enjoyed in more than 33 countries across the world.

The Situation

Returning client Johnsonville Sausage came to Fervent Events with an ambitious goal; in an effort to expand their influence in the Quebec area (which consumes almost one quarter of the nation’s sausage), Johnsonville was looking to launch a 5-month food truck campaign to grow their brand in the region.

The plan was to set up shop at five of Quebec’s largest festivals where they could market four unique menu items that exhibited the quality and versatility of the Johnsonville brand. What’s more, the truck would travel to a variety of retail venues where the team would distribute free samples as well.

The Activity


The biggest challenge of the Johnsonville Sausage campaign was the scope. This marketing effort was not only meant to be carried out over a 5-month timespan, it also had to be implemented from start to finish. Fervent Events was responsible for crafting a custom-made and delicious tasting menu from scratch, securing partnerships and permits with multiple festivals/events, acquiring and maintaining a food truck and supplies, and of course hiring a staff capable of handling the unique requirements of the role.

The Results

  • In the end, the campaign was a complete success.
  • Our extensive training, detail-obsessive planning, and flawless execution helped prevent what could have been a logistical nightmare.
  • We were able to bring in $31,000 in sales during the campaign. What’s more, our brand reps distributed over 14,000 free samples along with 24,000 coupons, brochures, and other promotional items over 55 activation dates – a significant contribution to the overall goal of spreading the Johnsonville Sausage Brand.
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