The Brand

Marc Anthony is the Toronto-based celebrity hair stylist and haircare product developer. Marc Anthony Hair & Body products are now sold worldwide, but several March Anthony salons operate across Toronto, giving Canadians a high-end salon experience.

In Canada, they can be purchased at Walmart, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as many salons across the country.

Product Sampling & Promo Staff

Marc Anthony reached out to Fervent Events to get the word out about his amazing products during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fervent Events assembled a team of brand ambassadors to hand out samples of coconut oil, shea butter conditioner, and body butter to target audiences. Marc Anthony wanted to target women attending TIFF events, and star gazers.

Fervent Events has a roster of over 1000+ brand ambassadors and promo reps that are ready to dispatch in 48 hours. For this activation in 2014, we made sure to assemble the most outgoing and bubbly promo staff to hand out samples and inform target audiences about the products.

Street Team Campaign at the Toronto International Film Festival

Fervent Events drew up a list of the biggest movies playing at TIFF 2014. Promo reps spent 1-hour before each activation at Marc Anthony’s salon getting their hair styled, to make sure they represented the brand’s quality hair care mandate. Those same brand ambassadors then distributed samples close by via guerrilla marketing.

The brand ambassador street team was styled and ready to go. When the biggest movies were about to play, promo reps descended upon the crowds to sample Marc Anthony products, while encouraging the audience to enter a selfie contest as part of the experiential marketing campaign.

The Results

Festival-goers and passersby were thrilled to receive samples of high-end hair products, and have the chance to win $500 and a one-year supply of Marc Anthony products through the selfie contest.

Marc Anthony was so pleased with the street team campaign that we did it again in 2015 and 2016 for TIFF.

  • 10,000 product samples distributed each year (2014 – 2016) over a 10-day program
  • 10 activation days and 3 premieres attended (2014 – 2016)
  • Hundreds of social media shares
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