The Brand

m5 Marketing Communications is a multi-regional branding corporation that has offered world-class marketing expertise to its ever-growing list of clients since 1981. With offices in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick, they’ve represented brands such as GM, Nalcor Energy, Acadia University, and New Brunswick Tourism.

Creative Experiential 360 Tour

The first thing Fervent Events realized when planning this campaign was that the beauty of New Brunswick is something to be experienced, not just seen. That’s why m5, Tourism New Brunswick’s advertising agency, came up with the idea of sending unsuspecting city dwellers from Toronto and Montreal on an all-expenses-paid 36-hour, immersive experience in beautiful New Brunswick.

And the kicker? The entire adventure would be filmed from start to finish, giving m5 the footage needed to launch a subsequent social media campaign in Spring of 2018.

m5 had a fully developed campaign but needed an execution partner to bring their ambitious idea to life. That’s where Fervent Events came in.


Lead Generating

The plan was relatively straight forward: one local taxi in Montreal, decked out in New Brunswick branding, would pick up a fare, use a “New Brunswick Insider” in the front seat to promote the area using old school one-on-one conversation, and finally invite the guests to drop everything and head out on free adventure!

The challenge with this campaign was the variety of moving pieces which had to be precisely coordinated in a small window of time. These included negotiating multifaceted contracts with Beck and Union Taxi that included vinyl wrapping their vehicles, the custom design and fabrication of props including a 4×4 foot whale tale, hiring and managing film crews in Montreal, Toronto and New Brunswick and planning flights, vehicles, accommodations and day-to-day logistics for the clients and crew in all three cities.

And finally, the inherent uncertainty of the idea itself (i.e. picking up unsuspecting passengers and asking them to drop everything for an impromptu vacation) made it especially crucial that all the other details were executed flawlessly.

The Results

  • Despite many elements working against us, Fervent Events executed the campaign without a hitch! The meticulous planning and coordination of all the branding, vendors, and promotional staffing turned this dauntingly complex marketing campaign into an unforgettable New Brunswick experience.
  • We created incredible media content, giving m5 the marketing assets they needs to carry out future social media promotion to further stimulate tourism in New Brunswick.
  • Lastly, this multifaceted campaign was executed from RFP to completion in just 21 days!
  • Our event went phenomenally well from start to finish thanks to Fervent Events and their team’s preparation, attention to detail and seamless implementation. Their ability to work with us as an execution partner and bring our creative ideas to life was unparalleled. We look forward to working with them again and pushing the limits even more.

    Rick Rouah Executive Vice President M5 Marketing Communications
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