The Brand

Snack-a-Fruit is a European Union program in cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus that sources citrus fruits from the Mediterranean island in order to promote high quality agriculture products from Europe.

In the spring of 2018, the Snack-a-Fruit program coordinators reached out to Fervent Events to organize a sampling and mall activation in the GTA, in order to promote fresh citrus fruits from Cyprus.

The Activation

Fervent Events organized an in-store sampling activation deploying a team of brand ambassadors to give out fruit samples and fresh juices to customers at various grocery stores across the GTA.

Fervent Events also staffed a second mall activation event -Snack-a-Smile- in Markville Mall, where a team of eight brand ambassadors were giving out samples of fruit and juices, and engaging passersby to enter a bike giveaway. Fervent Events took care of the branding, providing the banners, custom floor tiles, and a mascot.

All permits and permissions were taken care of by Fervent Events.

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The Results

Fervent Events’ brand ambassadors and promo reps gave out 100+ boxes of delicious grapefruits and mandoras, while engaging the public on the origin of the fruits and the Snack-a-Fruit program.

Brand ambassadors actively engaged customers, and received positive feedback on the quality of products and where to purchase the fruits in Toronto. Promo reps were able to draw the target audience in, and gather their comments in an online survey that was available later for the brand to review.

Fervent Events’ reporting software makes surveys, questionnaires, and other data collection tools easy to implement in any sampling or street team activation.

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