The Brand

TruMedic is a massage product brand that provides safe and effective forms of pain management and stress relief. TruMedic is based on the belief that holistic benefits of massage therapy, electrotherapy, and similar treatments should be readily available to anyone suffering from pain, discomfort, and stress.

In 2017, Fervent Events teamed up with truMedic to staff several roadshow campaigns in Costco stores across Canada.

Costco Road Shows

TruMedic required in-store staffing for product demonstrations at Costco Canada. Staff would be required to demo the Instashiatsu+ Personal Masseuse, one of truMedics flagship products.

Fervent Events provided training for in-store sales reps, making sure they were well-informed on the brand, products, and key information. Fervent Events staffed 4-5 in-store sales reps per store, working in alternating shifts. Brand ambassadors demonstrated the Instashiatsu+ Personal Masseuse product and successfully sold dozens of units.

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In-store Sales

Fervent Events created staff training documents, and hired specifically for the program in each market. Fervent Events interviewed and staffed experienced sales reps who were comfortable in retail environments. This program required more sales orientated staff members.

Fervent chose to staff reps one day on one day off to ensure rest and maximize reps energy on the floor, thus hiring 4-5 people per store. All reps received a base pay plus commission.

  • I've worked with many staffing companies for our road show and event marketing programs.¬† I can say without a doubt, Fervent Events is professional, responsive and creative. Calum and team are my go-to people whenever I have any needs in this area for Canada

    Russel Izzo President, truMedic

The Results

  • Directly responsible for lots of in-store sales in 2016.
  • Lots of labour hours staffed nationwide.
  • 1200+ sales staff interviewed.
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