The Brand

Zwilling is one of Europe’s oldest brands. In 1731, knife-maker Peter Henckels registered the company and began making high-quality knives in Germany. Over centuries, the brand has become an international household name for knives and kitchen accessories. The premium brand, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, distributes top quality stainless steel knives in retail stores worldwide, including Costco in Canada.

Road Shows 

Fervent Events has been representing Zwilling since April 2017, staffing sales reps and demo staff in Costco stores across Canada. Each road show lasted 13 days and totaled about 180 brand ambassador hours.  

Experienced in-store sales reps received training either in-person or online before signing up for shifts. Online training software allows Fervent Events to train staff across Canada for in-store road shows in Costco locations from St. John to Nanaimo.

in-store sales

In-store Sales Reps 

Brand ambassadors check-in virtually for their shifts using GPS location tools. After setting up the booth, experienced sales reps enticed customers to interact with the product by demonstrating cutting techniques, proper knife handling, and care instructions while relaying product knowledge. 

For each road show, Fervent Events staffed 4 to 6 brand ambassadors in alternating shifts. This scheduling system ensured maximum energy on shift. All sales reps received a base salary plus commission. After each shift, sales reps counted inventory, and recorded impressions.

The Results 

Fervent Events has staffed over 30,000 hours for Zwilling road shows in Costco locations across Canada. The results of this hard work have been incredible! 

  • Over 200+ roadshows across Canada
  • Millions $$$ in sales 
  • 180+ brand ambassadors trained to represent Zwilling

Fervent Events has been a preferred vendor for Costco for several years. In addition to Zwilling, Fervent Events has staffed several successful road shows for various retail brands.

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