We create, develop and implement experiential marketing programs that engage target markets directly.

Program Creation and Implementation

We create, develop and implement experiential marketing programs that engage target markets directly.

Street Team & Brand Ambassador Management

We provide street teams and brand ambassadors to companies whom already have their program creative in place and simply need execution.



It’s important to get an idea of what each company wishes to achieve. We like to meet in-person to get a quick brief and establish a personal connection that has proven to lead to successful experiential marketing campaigns.

Meeting our team and yours will make communication smoother, and allow us to place our resources and team exactly where they need to be when we rollout your desired experiential marketing activation.

Check out some of our most popular services below:



No further obligation, Fervent Events puts together three different well thought out strategies that we think can work for your brand in a mini written proposal format.

Our aim is to give brands an understanding of our thinking and capabilities. We use this opportunity to not only show you our carefully thought out ideas, but to give you a sense of our dedication and enthusiasm.

Let us show you all the ways we can bring your experiential marketing needs to life. 

Developed Proposal


After signaling which of the three strategies your company would like to see developed, we write a full proposal equipped with objectives/targets, critical path, costs, signage, materials, vendor and permit needs and much more. This is done at no cost. We’re confident at this stage you’ll become invested in our ideology.



Fervent Events manages all aspects of implementation including scheduling, onsite management, signage, apparel, graphic design, permits, sound, staging, videographer, photography, storage and liability insurance amongst other aspects. Fervent Events will provide brand ambassadors and manage all scheduling. Our program managers are easy to reach if there are any concerns during the campaign, and our team leads are well-equipped to deal with issues the arise before and after each activation.  

Should the client need any direction in other areas, we are happy to assist.



All clients are provided with post program reports. Reports are not cookie cutter. They don’t fill in a template and are all written from scratch. 

Fervent Events offer reporting via unique client login. Our reporting was designed and created specifically for our clients needs. The software is owned by Fervent Events and has a number of useful features.

  • Team leads submit online forms to report each activation day post shift. It’s company mandate for team leads to spend the last 10-15 minutes of each shift doing this onsite. Reporting therefore comes directly from those involved with each activation.

  • Reporting is then checked and approved the following day by a Fervent account manager.

  • Clients can view single event days 12-24 hours after an activation takes place.

  • Clients can also view a dashboard overview – showing totals of all event days.

  • Historical data is never lost.

  • Clients can key in on activation’s by geography or date.

  • Photos can also be viewed here.

Get in touch with us to book a presentation or get a free quote for your program needs. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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