Fervent Events offer reporting via unique client login. Our reporting was designed and created specifically for our clients needs. The software is owned by Fervent Events.

  • Team leads submit online forms to report each activation day post shift. It’s company mandate for team leads to spend the last 10-15 minutes of each shift doing this onsite. Reporting therefore comes directly from those involved with each activation.
  • Reporting is then checked and approved the following day by a Fervent account manager.
  • Clients can view single event days 12-24 hours after an activation takes place.
  • Clients can also view a dashboard overview – showing totals of all event days.
  • Historical data is never lost.
  • Clients can key in on activation’s by geography or date.
  • Photos can also be viewed here.
Reporting – Single Activation Dashboard View
Reporting – Overall Program View

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