Summer Flavours Galore: Alcohol and Food Sampling Marketing Strategies

Summer is in the air! Everything we all love about this time of year is popping up once again to usher us into the warmer months. Longer days, warm nights, seasonal fruits, cool rivers and lakes, and late bedtimes define this hazy and carefree time for kids and adults alike.

Summer is also a time for outdoor events that draw large crowds of people. These events are great experiential marketing opportunities for brands to connect with target audiences. Whether you are sampling a new flavour of breakfast cereal or a new alcohol brand, summer is the time to utilize food sampling and alcohol sampling brand ambassadors for more brand exposure.

Food sampling campaigns can take place anywhere from grocery stores to street festivals and trade shows. An enticing and delicious snack is a powerful tool for drawing in both existing and potential customers.

Fervent Events has an extensive roster of food sampling brand ambassadors who are ready to be dispatched within 48 hours for an experiential marketing campaign.

In fact, Fervent has organized extensive food sampling events in the past. One of the best being a province-wide food truck tour in Quebec for Johnsonville Sausage. Check it out in detail below!

Fervent has also organized and staffed many in-store sampling campaigns. Recently, Fervent Events teamed up with a European Union project, Snack-A-Fruit, to promote citrus fruit from Cyprus in North America.

Fervent dispatched teams of food handling brand ambassadors to grocery stores around Toronto to give customers the chance to try various fruits and juices. Fervent also set up a one-day pop-up event in a shopping mall that also included sampling, mascots, and a bike raffle.

The effectiveness of getting product into the hands of consumers via an enthusiastic, well-informed brand ambassador has been proven to directly increase immediate and long-term sales. Now that summer is coming, the impact scope is greater than in the winter months.

Brand Ambassadors are the perfect tool to engage consumers via free sampling of a brand.

Whether it’s a sampling activation at a grocery store or a mall, or an upscale event where meals are served – Fervent can provide temporary event staff and food-handling brand ambassadors that meet your needs. Ask us what we can do for you here.

Another great summer sampling activation is none other than alcohol sampling.

Fervent Events is averaging 100+ alcohol sampling activations a month for various brands. We have a roster of professional and charismatic alcohol sampling staff that are fully licensed to serve alcohol in provinces across Canada.

Recently, Fervent Events put together an upscale networking event for the Russian-language tech company Yandex in Montreal. Fervent planned and procured all the food, music, and decorations for the event which was a stunning success.

Fervent also provided alcohol sampling staff from Montreal, including Russian-speaking brand ambassadors to perform various duties from coat check to alcohol serving.

Check out the full case study here:

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