Calum McGuiganPresident

Calum came to Toronto from Scotland with the intention of playing rugby for a summer in 2006. That summer has since turned into residence (soon to be citizenship!) and Fervent Events.

Calum graduated Glasgow Caledonian University with a (BA) Events Management degree, and put that to use at Daily Bread Food Bank for 2 years, as Events Officer between 2007-2009.

Realizing he wanted to create his own portfolio, he left Daily Bread to start Fervent Events in September 2009 with a paltry $4000 savings, bootstrapping at it’s finest. Admittedly, enthusiasm encouraged the leap of faith, not a level head! That enthusiasm has remained, as he gets excited with every new business opportunity that comes along as much as the first one.

Fervent has now become a recognized boutique agency in the experiential space – working with 41 clients in 2016 and increasing revenue year-on-year all but once since inception.

Calum is still affiliated with the rugby club (Toronto Scottish RFC) but in a social capacity. He’s an avid Toronto Raptors, Scottish rugby and Scottish football (the real football) fan. He also enjoys business and thinks he learns or validates something every time he reads Inc. or Entrepreneur magazine.

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