Three Things You Wouldn’t Guess Mattered to Experiential Marketing Audiences

Experiential marketing is a developing industry in Canada. That means there is a lot of room for R&D, experimentation, and creativity. 

Some of the classic principles of marketing apply: knowing your target market, getting an edge, and tracking engagement. However, employing these and other marketing best practises won’t ensure a successful experiential marketing campaign. 

There is a lot to consider. 

How big do you go? Does the form match the function? Is there not one single millennial on a marketing team designing a campaign aimed at millennials? 

The answers to these and many other questions are critical. If you miss the mark on a marketing campaign, you can alienate your audience. Sometimes beyond repair. 

We all remember the 2017 Kendall Jenner Pepsi-gate – this was a traditional commercial, but its concept was mimicking an experience meant to resonate with millennials. 

Instead, it came across as tone-deaf and offensive. 

This is the worst case scenario, but there are a myriad of other ways that guerrilla/experiential campaigns can go sideways. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three things experiential marketing audiences (especially of the millennial generation) care more about than you would think! 

1. Sustainability

Millennials more than ever are concerned about impact – whether it’s environmental, social, or political. 

According to a research study on experiential marketing trends by Agency EA, audiences are looking for signs of true sustainability practices, not just “green” branding. 

The use of plastics, like straws, and non-reusable materials is on the decline. Sourcing materials for experiential marketing campaigns from local sources decreases the reliance on transportation, one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the report

Fervent Events sources locally whenever possible. From local caterers and florists for launch events to the brand ambassadors themselves. Fervent Events services all of Canada, and has brand ambassadors in cities from the West all the way to the East coast. 

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2. Location

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Location! Location! Location! 

We all know how important it is to choose the appropriate venue for your experiential marketing campaign. Proximity to campuses, areas with high foot traffic, and niche locales are key depending on what kind of marketing campaign is in question. 

But, what is less talked about are the benefits of incorporating elements of local city culture into marketing concepts. This encourages originality, local community involvement, and sustainability. 

Check out Fervent Events’ countrywide foot-truck tour for Johnsonville Sausage, where local flavours were incorporated into offerings.

Tying marketing strategies to hyperlocal experiences draws both the immediate community as well out-of-town attendees who want to get a sense of the local vibe. 

A key element of this is having a roster of multilingual brand ambassadors who can service anglophones as well as francophones, and a wide variety of cultural communities across Canada. Fervent Events has 900+ brand ambassadors and promo reps ready to activate within 48 hours across the country. 

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3. Authenticity

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Millennial audiences are not known to be responsive to cookie-cutter marketing styles. Or cookie-cutter anything for that matter. 

While traditional marketing campaigns have some strong points, there is an increasing trend in unique, experience-focused marketing strategies that allow consumers to get a better sense of what a brand stands for. 

Check out some of our unique brand activations below: 

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