Tips & Tricks for Hiring the Best Event Staff

Part of what makes experiential and guerrilla marketing so effective is the interaction between target audience and brand ambassador. The quality of that interaction impacts how your customers will look at your brand both consciously and unconsciously. When you invest time and resources – especially if you are an entrepreneurial brand or a small business – into building something valuable to offer the world, you want your vision and hard work to be communicated in the best way possible.

Finding the right people to be the face of your brand is crucial to the success of your experiential marketing campaign.

At Fervent Events, we carefully tailor each guerrilla marketing campaign to your brand’s needs and desires. This includes the careful selection of qualified, and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, promo reps, and event staff whose energy, talents, and skills align with your vision.

We know this can be tough – choosing the right people requires time, preparation, resources, focus, the list goes on. So, how do we do it?

Tip # 1: Recognize unique skills & talents 

When Fervent Events send out calls for brand ambassadors, we ask our candidates to fill out a questionnaire so we can know what their passions, skills, and unique talents are once they join our team.

Can you juggle? What is your favourite thing to eat and why? Are you bilingual?

These questions may seem arbitrary, but it helps us match individual strengths and personalities to specific campaigns. If you need acrobats and gymnasts, we have brand ambassadors whose hobby is just that. Need promo reps for a cultural event? Our brand ambassadors are multi-lingual and can engage with your community audience. This way, we make sure every marketing campaign is on brand and on point.

Find out more about our staffing services, and how we select our event staff here. 

Tip # 2: Know your audience

So you’ve spent the last 5, 10, 20 years building your brand, you’ve put in countless hours, late nights, and sacrificed a lot to get your idea off the ground and into the hands of the people. You know what your service or product offers and who it’s made for. You’ve solved a problem, filled a gap in a target market, or created a whole new industry, and now you want to market the heck out of your genius idea.

Knowing your target audience – who they are, where they spend their time, what they like, and what catches their attention is crucial to success in marketing to the millennial generation.

Increasingly we see that people trust marketing coming from companies and advertisements less, and their fellow peers more. We see this trend on social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram, where millennials go to read reviews before purchasing products and services, and crowdsource information on what’s hot, new, old, boring, offensive, and just plain lit.

That’s why selecting your promo reps and brand ambassadors based on their relatability to your target audience and their proximity to their lifestyles is crucial to a successful experiential marketing campaign or event.

At Fervent Events, we specialize in groundbreaking and trendy experiential marketing campaigns, offering services ranging from pop-up shops to flash mobs and street teams. We know the core pillars of a great promo include a team of dedicated, passionate, and genuine promo reps and event staff that will entice their peers to engage with your brand.

Tip # 3: Don’t forget about uniforms and props!

Fervent Events has relationships with a variety of local, and trustworthy manufacturers whose expertise and network we utilize when putting together an experiential marketing campaign or event. These include custom apparel retailers who can whip up a few dozen shirts, hats, jackets, gloves, stickers, or costumes on short notice.

Whether it’s a tradeshow or a pop-up shop, it’s important that the look and feel of the activation is on brand. You want your audience to walk away with a clear image of who you are and what you offer – carefully curated uniforms for promo reps and brand ambassadors are crucial to setting a tone for the campaign.

Don’t underestimate the importance and impact of props and prizes. Eye-catching props will draw people in and contesting or giveaways will yield greater traffic. All of this is carefully thought-out during the design process that Fervent Events goes through for every client.

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