Top Fervent Events In-Store Sales and Sampling Campaigns

Fervent Events’ in-store sales brand ambassadors have generated leads and increased brand exposure for dozens of retail brands in the last decade.

In-store sales has been proven to increase brand awareness and boost the chance of success of new brands or products. By putting a friendly and knowledgeable face to a product, consumers connect with the brand and often return.

In fact, there is a strong case to be made for in-store sales brand ambassadors to be more present in what is being referred to as “experiential retail.” This Forbes article claims it’s the future of retail.

The strong desire of millennials to spend money on experiences rather than things in conjunction with the popularity of influencers and the effectiveness of their engagement in experiential marketing, will pave the way for experiential retail.

Fervent Events has a roster of 1000+ brand ambassadors with specialized talents, language skills, sales experience, and social media followings ready to dispatch for in-store activations and sampling campaigns.

Check out some of our highlights below.

Alcohol sampling brand ambassadors 

This past summer, Fervent Events began actively doing alcohol samplings across Ontario. 

Fervent Events activated alcohol sampling campaigns 100-200 times a month for various vodka, whiskey, gin, and wine brands. Fervent Events’ roster of brand ambassadors who are certified to serve alcohol, and are trained to deliver key messaging in an engaging and natural way. 

Promo reps input the sales figures, photos and feedback from customers into a mobile app that the client can view 24 hours after each activation. 

In addition to the LCBO samplings, Fervent Events also sampled non-alcoholic beer in the Mississauga grocery store chain, Adonis.

Fervent Events’ alcohol sampling brand ambassadors have been praised for their professionalism and punctuality. Read more about our alcohol sampling services here

In-store sales reps for TruMedic

For several years now, Fervent Events has been a preferred vendor for Costco. Specifically, Fervent Event has been staffing in-store sales reps for road shows across Canada for the massage product brand truMedic. 

TruMedic is a massage product brand that provides safe and effective forms of pain management and stress relief. 

Fervent Events provided training for in-store sales reps, making sure they were well-informed on the brand, products, and key information. Fervent Events staffed 4-5 in-store sales reps per store, working in alternating shifts. 

Fervent Events created staff training documents, and hired specifically for the program in each market. Fervent Events interviewed and staffed experienced sales reps who were comfortable in retail environments.

SUMOL Street Team Campaign in Toronto

One of our favourite sampling campaigns was the summer 2019, SUMOL activation in Toronto. 

SUMOL is a Portuguese pop brand that offers delicious carbonated drinks as well as nectars and juices. To help the brand break into the Canadian market, Fervent Events set up a team of sampling brand ambassadors to do a street team campaign around Toronto.

Over 20+ brand ambassadors were dispatched to four major locations across the city. The student friendly Bloor-West Village, the Financial District, the artsy Queen West neighbourhood, and the infamous Yonge & Bloor. 

Brand ambassadors were outfitted with branded hats, t-shirts and sunglasses for maximum brand awareness while they handed out delicious fruit pop samples and copies of the Toronto Star. A few lucky passersby were gifted custom sunglasses if they snapped a selfie or gave feedback! 

Stay tuned for more round-ups and XM trends coming soon.

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